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Teachers' Community of Learning (TCOL)

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Project Frameworks

Our important sites of learning have been our field demonstration projects at the school and block levels – one in Yadgir and one in Bengaluru city schools. Both these sites of work represent two different kinds of impoverished environments; the first is a socially and educationally backward district and the second is an inner-city context, where students come very marginalized sections of society. The focus of the TCOL programme has been to build to develop classroom strategies and teacher development programmes that can result in a meaningful educational experience for teachers and students.

The programme has adopted a 'communities of practice' approach to teacher development and support, along with classroom based support for innovative pedagogies. Interacting with each other in physical workshops and through mobile and email communities, teachers have been sharing their classroom experiences, resources, challenges and possible solutions. Starting from Geogebra for interactive mathematics classrooms, to making a picture story books, to videos on local community institutions, teachers and students have been introduced to different digital tools and methods. The head teachers have come together as a cohesive group to discuss the common educational and administrative challenges facing their schools and learn from one another.

The launch of an IVRS by a government school to communicate with parents has made news in the media, changing the public perception about government schools. While the journey of meaningful education is a long one, the impact the TCOL programme has made has been in terms of greater student engagement, teachers’ adoption of technology in innovating classroom strategies, and greater use of technology in school administration and communication.

In the coming years, we hope to deepen and extend this work by covering the entire Bangaluru urban district high schools as well as primary schools in select blocks.