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Impact assessment study on the 'Regional resource centre for elementary education' (RRCE)

Gurumurthy Kasinathan with Bindu Thirumalai and Krittika Vishwanath
Research Papers and Reports

The objectives of this study are two-fold: (1) conduct an impact assessment of the project of the Regional resource centre for elementary education (RRCE), and (2) make...


ICT programmes in school education: PPP models vs. integrated approach

Gurumurthy Kasinathan
Research Papers and Reports

The study of two large 'ICTs programmes in School Education' (IPSE) programmes of neighboring Indian states reveals some interesting insights. The integrated model followed in Kerala's IT@Schools programme, which focused on developing systemic in-house capabilities...


ICT programmes in schools in Yadgir District

Gurumurthy Kasinathan, Krittika Vishwanath
Research Papers and Reports

IT for Change was commissioned to design and carry out a study on the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) programmes in schools in the Yadgir and Sedam...


Teachers' Communities of Learning project, 2010-2011

IT for Change
Project Frameworks

IT for Change (ITfC), along with the Department of State Research Education and Training (DSERT), and Policy Planning Unit (PPU) and Development Focus (DF) (a...


Advocacy for a progressive national e-governance standards policy

IT for Change
Advocacy Statements

IT for Change (ITfC) played an important role in campaigning efforts to bring to the Government of India's notice that the use of non-royalty-based open standards in e-governance are basic to ensuring people's right to information in a digital age.


'The Status of Women - Reflections on Two Decades of Change' - A national level consultation organised by Mahila Samakhya Karnataka

Anita Gurumurthy
Reflecting on the status of women in the past two decades at the consultation organised by Mahila Samakhya Karnataka on 7 March 2009, Anita Gurumurthy articulates a trajectory for gender and development, through the lens of historical phenomena like neo-conservativism and the transnational...


Employment of ICTs towards effective realisation of MDGs

Anita Gurumurthy
Paper presented for the Commission on Social, Ethical, and Legal Issues of  the World IT Forum (WITFOR). The presentation emphasises the gender gap not just in terms of connectivity to the internet, but also access to the sophistication of ICTs. Identifying various factors detrimental to women...


Girls' economic rights and empowerment

IT for Change
Media Articles

This paper was written for Plan International's Annual Report, entitled 'Because I am a Girl'. For girls and young women, especially in the global south, ICT access and its effective use provide new avenues in their journeys towards economic empowerment. This paper unpacks some...


Input to the Sakhi-Jagori Consultation on 'New technologies and new forms of violence against women and girls'

Anita Gurumurthy

Anita Gurumurthy wrote a note for the Sakhi-Jagori Consultation on 'New technologies and new forms of violence against women and girls' that took place in Trivandrum (Kerala, India) on 27-28 March 2009. The note identifies emerging debates around personhood and privacy...


Recasting the Beijing Platform for Action through the information society lens

Anita Gurumurthy with Parminder Jeet Singh and Anja Kovacs
Position papers

This document was an input into the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) High-Level Intergovernmental Meeting on the Review of Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action.


  • ITfC Annual report- 2009-10
  • Locating gender
  • ISS2
  • Gender Equality through ICT
  • Political economy of IS
  • MahitiManthana
  • Notes from the Field