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Visual representations created by Srishti students

The ‘Gathering Echoes’ project is a collaboration between IT for Change and  Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, introducing creative methods from Art and Design practices, to enhance the processes of self-expression and empowerment of the Kishoris. As part of their semester project, students from Srishti will work with facilitators from Prakriye to develop tools and resources to be integrated into the training modules.

One of the first explorations in this project aimed to set the conditions for participation starting with reflections at an individual level, which helped each student locate the project in his or her universe. We engaged in conversations around gender equality, technology, community development, caste and family structures. Even though these words serve as a starting point to research, they remain far from a more sensitive understanding.

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Through sketching, students started identifying their own vocabulary to refer to these topics. Each one defined his or her position and scope as practitioners, and also held conversations about the role of contemporary art and design practices in the context of community development. These particular exercises culminated with individual pieces that represent initial questions or wonders that situate the larger context into personal queries and experiences. Throughout the semester, we will keep exploring our own position as individuals and document the changes and questions that shape our sensibilities.

Catalina is the facilitator of the project at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. She is a researcher trained in participatory design and development studies. Catalina is interested in using creative practices to problematize the social order, including art activism, experimental art and the design of experiences that leverage altruistic behaviors of people.