Mahiti Manthana - Working with rural women's collectives

kelu sakhiMahiti Manthana was a joint initiative of Prakriye and Mahila Samakhya Karnataka, undertaken between 2005 and 2009. Since its inception in 2005, the project primarily aimed at exploring the possibilities offered by community informatics practice, for strengthening the empowerment processes of marginalised women's collectives (locally known as sanghas) formed under the Mahila Samakhya programme of the Government of India, in three blocks (taluks) of Mysore district: Hunsur, H.D. Kote and Nanjangud.

Primarily, Mahiti Manthana has adopted a three-pronged ICT strategy of community radio, video and information centres. The project has enabled the strengthening of the collective learning processes of Mahila Samakhya sanghas, the creation of a gendered discourse in the local public sphere and the enhancement of the intra-organisational communication processes of Mahila Samakhya.


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