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Greetings from IT for Change!

We are an NGO in India, working at the intersection of technology and social change. Our journey started 15 years ago, with a vision to build an inclusive and just society in the digital age. We were driven by the belief that digital technologies can work for all, provided development thinking and policy frameworks can keep pace. More about our work here.

Today, our work encompasses a wide range of strategies – joining hands with local communities, institutional capacity-building, shaping policy at global and national levels, and cutting-edge research to refine the directions of our field practice and advocacy. We work in the areas of Education – deploying digital technologies to improve quality of education in public schools; Governance – to make e-governance work for participatory democracy; Women's Rights – to promote gender equality through the digital opportunity; and Internet Governance – calling for a democratic Internet architecture.

In Mysuru district, India, we collaborate with dalit women's groups to help them run Mahiti Kendras (Information Centres). The Centres offer public information and facilitate poor women's access to government schemes. From 2 Centres covering 5 villages in 2006 to 8 Centres that service 50 villages, we have come a long way. Young women have been trained as information intermediaries. They use the Internet for accessing government portals, track applications, send out voice SMSes, undertake surveys, and along the way, fight their own battles with fathers and husbands who may not be able to come to terms with their empowerment. This powerful story is captured here in a short video.

In our work with the public school system, we have pioneered a new institutional model. We have trained teachers to use public software tools and promoted a peer learning approach for resource creation and sharing, in local languages. Our online forum brings together 14000+ teachers across government schools in Karnataka. We are now poised to take this model to other states. A short video on this exciting model is available here.

We seek your goodwill and support to build on our work so far, with a one-time or monthly donation.

Our annual report and financials for 2015-2016 can be accessed here.

Look forward to having you on board this journey.


IT for Change team