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IT for Change

An India-based NGO working on information society theory and practice from the standpoint of equity, social justice and gender equality.


Maths made interactive at Domlur High School, Bengaluru


IT for Change at the UN WSIS+10 Review, 16 December 2015.


IT for Change announced a Call to occupy the Internet at the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2015.



Teachers who are part of a Subject Teacher Forum (STF) workshop with their own laptop.


Women's collectives from a Mysuru village participating in a community video screening.


Information fair organised by IT for Change's field centre in Doddahejjuru village of Mysore district.


IT for Change workshop on Regulating the Internet in Public Interest in New Delhi, May 2015.


Pre-Consultation Paper on Cloud Computing

IT for Change made a submission to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in response to the call for comments on the Pre-Consultation Paper on Cloud Computing. The response at the outset stresses that any discussions on the digital, like cloud computing, must be made in awareness of the fact that the digital is transforming all social systems and institutions and a new regulatory framework will be required to take such a wider view of the involved public interest.

Consultation Paper on Proliferation of Broadband through Public Wi-Fi Networks

IT for Change made a submission to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India in response to the call for comments on the Consultation Paper on Proliferation of Broadband through Public Wi-Fi Networks. The submission pointed out the need for adopting last mile connectivity approaches that encourage community based networks, including those owned and run by self government insitutions.

Submission for the UN OHCHR report on ways to bridge the gender divide from a human rights perspective

IT for Change made a submission, in response to the Call for Inputs from the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on ways to bridge the gender digital divide from a Human Rights perspective.The submission detailed IT for Change's position on adopting a human rights approach to bridge the gender digital divide, which starts with the recognition that the divide is...

Strengthening existing legal-institutional response mechanisms to technology-mediated violence against women in India

In January 2017, IT for Change initiated work in the area of forging an effective legal-institutional response to technology-mediated violence against women in India, with support from the WWW Foundation. We began work on this project by producing a discussion paper on this issue, analysing the adequacy of the current legal and institutional framework and proposing alternate models that need to be...


Interview on All India Radio

The Subject Teacher Forum (STF) is an “in-service teacher education” programme for high school teachers in Karnataka was started in 2010-11 by RMSA Karnataka, in collaboration with IT for Change.

ITfC has commenced a participatory action research of the KOER programme, to understand “whether and how, a bottom-up approach, where participants collaboratively and actively co-create contextual resources ('embedded' within a 'community of learning'), can support effective OER models read more...

Development and IS

IT for Change's comments on the draft general comment on state obligations under the ICESCR in the context of business activities

IT for Change submitted comments on the draft general comment on state obligations under the ICESCR in the context of business activities. The submission asserted the need for an immediate and appropriate regulatory response to platform-companies, who have increasingly become key actors in every sector.


Democratic accountability in the digital age: Proposal for a workshop from IT for Change and MKSS

IT for Change, in partnership with Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan, is planning to organise a 2-day workshop in Delhi in November 2016, on Democratic accountability in the digital age -- from challenges for governability to a...

Namma Mahiti Kendra (Our information centres)

Prakriye's information centre strategy has focused on partnering with women’s collectives to build vibrant civic-public spaces.From operating 2 ICT-enabled centres covering 10 villages in 2005, we have grown to 7 information centres covering 40 villages of Hunsur and H.D.Kote blocks of Mysuru. Each information centre caters to four to five villages in its area, and is engaged in public...

Dhwanigalu - Learning Dialogues with Adolescent Girls at the Margins

With the support of the South Asia Women’s Fund, the Prakriye field centre of IT for Change initiated a year-long capacity-building programme for strengthening the agency, autonomy and leadership of 85 adolescent girls in rural Mysore, in March 2016. This training module effectively combines traditional and technology-mediated learning methodologies such as digital...


Addressing technology-mediated violence against women in Bangladesh: Inviting expressions of interest

Download the call for expression of Interest here.

IT for Change

February 2017

Internet Shut-downs in India

Year by year the number of government sanctioned Internet shutdowns in India has drastically increased. As entitlements and conveniences are increasingly being delivered through the Internet, these shut downs have an immense impact on our daily lives. Visit to track incidents of Internet shutdowns across India.

In Media

In 'Where did the mysterious CIRP come from – A short alternative (almost sub-altern) account of its history' Parminder Jeet Singh, unpacks the politics of 'enhanced-coperation'. The article recounts the IT for Change's continued efforts towards a more inclusive debate on this topic at various internaional forums and the resistance put up by certain stakeholders from the global North to such steps being taken.

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