Openness to Inclusion

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IT for Change announces an open call for researchers for its project, Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from openness to inclusion.

Statement at RCEP

RCEP protest

IT for Change contributed to the statement issued by people's movements against Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

Gender and e-violence

online violence against women

IT for Change will organise a national seminar on gender and online violence in November 2017 with TISS, Mumbai. Coming soon - Call for abstracts.

Course Launch


IT for Change launches a blended course on “Technology Integrated Learning” in collaboration with Vijaya Teachers College. Registration open for Bengaluru based teacher educators.

As part of the Just Net Coalition, IT for Change helped develop draft input text on digital TNCs and human rights that will be submitted to the Open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights at its third session.The draft articles will also be incorporated…

IT for Change's multi-country research study on ICT-mediated citizen engagement and its impact on governance structures and processes explored the ways in which ICT mediated engagement can be empowering for the citizen and transformative for the outcomes of governance.

Our research report which will…

A pre-consultation meeting was organised in Bangalore in January 2017 to review our discussion paper: Technology-mediated violence against women in India. How can we strengthen existing legal-institutional response mechanisms? A group of feminist scholars and practitioners came together at this meeting to debate the questions raised by it…

This article was developed as a background paper for a presentation to delegates from developing countries at the South Centre, Geneva, in February 2017. It presents the key geo-economic elements of the digital phenomenon; how data is the new raw material that is extracted from developing countries by a few, primarily US…

ITfC helped the Telangana Department of School Education to develop the ICT syllabus and textbook for high school and higher primary school students, and the corresponding teacher handbook, with support from CIET (NCERT) and CEMCA. This is the first such effort based on the National ICT curriculum, 2013. The textbook emphasises collaboration…

In this background paper, IT for Change maps the key issues/concerns for the rights and inclusion agenda, stemming from pervasive platformization. Scoping the platform economy from a development justice perspective, this paper outlines the many intersecting challenges that platforms pose for regulation and puts forth a…


Privacy in the Digital Age


The Supreme Court of India is in the midst of a heated debate for the need of a constitutionally recognized, explicit right to privacy. In the article 'Privacy in the Digital Age…

Trading away our digital rights


In the article 'Trading Away our Digital Rights', Parminder Jeet Singh notes  with concern the usurpation of digital issues by the ever increasing ambit of global trade…

Aadhaar Act: The digital rights of Indians are at the mercy of an act that is incomplete


This is an article about the Aadhaar Act and how it posesess a risk to citizens' right to privacy in India

Big brother getting bigger? The privacy issues surrounding Aadhaar are worrying


This article examines the new concerns for privacy emerging in the age of data-based governance, using the UID/Aadhaar scheme in India as a case in…



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