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IT for Change and IDRC are pleased to announce the results of our call for researchers for our project 'Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from Openness to Inclusion'. We received a large number of highly competitive proposals for the call from several qualified applicants. A total of 62 proposals were…


IT for Change will announce the results of the open call for researchers for its project, Policy frameworks for digital platforms - Moving from openness to inclusion, on 23 September, 2017.

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IT for Change seeks to collaborate with researchers and scholars from seven sites in the global South (three in Asia, two in Africa, two in South America) and three in the global North (Europe and North America) for a research project, ‘Policy Frameworks for digital platforms-Moving from openness to inclusion’, supported by the International…


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Understanding platformization

Platformization is a key facet of the global economy today. Platforms, as understood through informational capitalism, are not just online market places – they are market makers. As “a set of digital frameworks for social and marketplace interactions” (Kenny & Zysman, 2016), platforms replace…


The Telecom Regulating Authority of India (TRAI) released a consultation paper to test waters and the public sentiment over regulating the at-present loosely defined OTT (over-the-top) services. One of the most important issues in the paper was of net neutrality and its various pros and cons. The paper saw intense public engagement with media…


The IG chapter, penned for a book of policy recommendations in the context of the new Government, calls for a reconstitution of the India's Internet policy in place of knee-jerk reforms that are poorly researched, incomprehensible and lack foresight.